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BMW E39 Do you really want to buy BMW

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In this article will be discussed questions about bmw e39 you can learn about body, engine, transmission and suspension of this car.

Bmw E39 in first time appeared in Geneva in 1995 year. In 1995 year for buyers was available only sedan through 2 year Touring was also available.


BMW E39,E39,german vehicle,price

BMW E39,E39,german vehicle,price

BMW E39 has reliable body and simple construction to make renovate easy, because you can pick and make out this body many times, salon make out very easy.

Junctions between gaps very small also body has anti-corrosion treatment and high quality of paint. Design became more beautiful and modern.


dashboard bmw dashboard bmw e39

Salon of 5 series always has a rich equipment and this german car not exception. Inside of this car you can find many interesting things : climate — control , cruise — control , ESP , seats with 3 memory , ABS and board computer.

I can’t keep silent about high quality of materials that around you inside of this car : soft plastic , wood panel or aluminum , leather seats or textile. These options depend from version of car.

One minus inside E39 that have more 5 series if human has a big size he will feel yourself on rear seats uncomfortable.

Engines of BMW E39

On BMW E39 was many engines that began from 2,0 L 136 H.p diesel and finish 400 H.p 4,9 L this engine installed on M5.
The most common engines on this cars it’s inline six engines on this model also were available tasty V8 engines.

These motors equipped with Vanos and Double Vanos system what allow you to change phase of gas system depending from your driving style.

All engines have high quality but prone to overheat this thing spread in inline six engines. Some reasons of overheat :

1) termostat
2) For prophylactic every year need clean radiator from garbage.

All motors have chain of gas distribution mechanism that increase reliable don’t forget that you need replace chain of gas distribution mechanism every 300 000 km.

Transmission of this engine very reliable but before buying you need check transmission on dripping oil.

Automatic gear box has a good reliable and working 250000-300000 km.

*little words about electrical equipment*

Bmw e39 has many many things so sometimes electrical equipment fails. Often contact disappear between train of display and chip in result image on display almost disappear on this thing also influence climatic environment. Also, happens problems with climate — control. You can dicide these problems if you change electrical equipment block. Also, e39 has an unreliable electrical window system because have many plastics details on previous version 5 series this mechanism was more reliable.


If compare with bmw e34 in suspension bmw e39 more aluminum details it improves comfort and steering. Vehicles that have v8 engines , forward suspension of those cars consist of cast-iron.

*Time for totals*

BMW E39,E39,german vehicle,price


1) Powerful engines

2) Reliable engines

3) Comfort

4) You can repair this car without master

5) Amazing design :)

6) Security

7) Respect on roads

8) Cheap spare parts

But it’s not all pluses of e39


1) You can buy a criminal car you need check it out before buying.

2) Those cars interesting for rascals because it’s car legendary and mesmerizing , better keep this car in security place.

Price of this car depending from country where are you live I don’t know where are you home , but average price on this car 3500-7000$.

You decide yourself that car you prefer but who love beautiful design , powerful motors and high quality I’m sure you will to buy car like this one.

Thanks for reading :)

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