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Mercedes w124 True Merin

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First Mercedes w124 was produced on conveyor in 1984 year, and production was to 1995 year. When production of this car was finished, it was horrible event for taxi drivers, they adored this car.

For eleven years were sold 2,7 millions cars. This cars have big line diesels engines and gasoline engines, were 4 cylinders engines and 6 cylinder engines.

Also, Mercedes w124 has many types of body: sedan, combi, coupe, cabrio. This car has many other dignities and you can’t appreciate this car fully.

Mercedes it’s car which keep very high level of security, reliability, high level of comfort, and also this car very easy in daily using.

Mercedes w124 combi was very popular and even continued to be produced to 1996 year.

Some information about Mercedes w124 Wolf

Mercedes w124 also had many sport modifications. I think, that very popular was Mercedes w124 Wolf.

This car was called like wolf, because it’s a wolf in sheep wool. Mercedes W 124 Wolf had v8 engine, what has 326 H/p, and this car can reach first 100 km/h faster than 6 seconds. This car has weight 1,7 kilograms.





Mercedes W124 Волчок , W124 , Mercedes E500 Mercedes W124 , Mercedes E500 , Немецкие автомобили
W124 can good resist to rust, but this car has vulnerable locations: wheel arcs, bottom, cups of racks, thresholds. Be careful in location, where need to install a jack.

When you watch this car for buying you need look at gaps they should be smooth. If your chosen car has a hatch you need look at gaps in all positions when you close or open a hatch.

If you will not careful, if a hatch will be broken, you will have very an expensive repair in the future.


Mersedes W 124 salon

Often this car has climat-control, adjustment steering wheel, seat adjustment, electric window lifters.

Salon very spacious and comfortable, and this car appropriate for long travels with whole family. In some versions were seat position with memory.


All engines of Mercedes w124 have high quality and reliable, if you will keep your car in good condition, and also to do repair in time, in such circumstance your engine will never let you down.

Six-cylinder in-line engines like M104, have prone to overheating because of their length and construction.

Before buying this cars you need check out compression of engine, because repair of engine is not cheap.


Mercedes w124 has rear wheel drive or four-wheel drive. All gear boxes is reliable. But when you buy car with automatic gear box you need have confidence that gear box not need repair, and make diagnostic.

Electrical system in this car very old like me :), so sometimes electrical system can let you down.


Now this car not expensive, price of this car less than 3000$, but keep in mind that good car will cost at least 4000$ or more. For Mercedes w124 Wolf you need have more money in your bag, coupe can cost very expensive at least 5000$.

This car suitable for those who appreciate reliable and comfortable cars. I think, that this car will remember many people very long time, and in the future this car will have all dignities and qualities.



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