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    Mercedes benz W210 Pop-eyed

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    Mercedes benz w210 was called pop-eyed and production of this car was from 1995 year, production of w210 was instead of Mercedes w124.

    Body of this Mercedes lost its strict appearance and became more friendly because of smooth lines of body and other headlights.


    Body W210


    This car has two type of body: sedan and combi. Body prone to rust, so you need to check these locations:

    1) wheel arcs

    2) bottom

    3) thresholds, openings of doors

    * You need to check rust on this car, and rust shouldn’t be like colander:).


    Interior Mercedes W210

    salon 210

    In salon of this car very comfortable and cozy, also this car has a big trunk. Even simple modification has: climat-control, safety pillows. In many versions of Mercedes W210 you can see seat position with memory.


    Engines Mercedes W210


    This car can allow you to choose any engine for your own needs. It’s will depend only from, that horse power is enough for you. This car has diesels engines and gasoline engines.

    All engines of this car very reliable, but engine what has 150 H/p, it’s evidently not enough for this heavy car.

    As well as Mercedes w124 engines prone to overheat, so don’t forget that you need to clean radiator, if you noticed that radiator in bad condition better to change it. Repair of engine very expensive.

    If you don’t like taxes and wish to drive fast with wind you can look at next modifications.

    2,3 MT 150 h.p

    Accelerating to 100 km/h 10,5 s

    Consumption in city cycle 11-12 L

    I sure that you not enough this engine, so you can look at engine that can allow you to drive faster.

    2,8 MT 193 h.p

    Accelerating to 100 km/h

    Consumption in city cycle 12-13 L (without pedal of gas in the floor :) )

    This engine better appropriate for this heavy car, and you enough 200 h.p.

    For those who likes fast driving style you can buy AMG version with V8 engine and 354 h.p. You can accelerate this car to 100 km/h for 5,7 s. But consumption will 16-18 l(if you will not push pedal of gas in the floor, I have doubts about it :) )

    Mercedes W210 has rear wheel drive or four wheel drive. This car Had manual transmission gear box or automatic ( Don’t afraid about choosing, automatic gear box very reliable)


    Be careful


    Don’t move on your car very fast through pools, your pop-eyed can get hydro hit, because intake pipe placed very low, and your car can drink a water by chance :).


    How much cost?


    In normal condition this car has price ~ 3000-6000$, but AMG you can buy at least 5000$.

    This car recommended itself like reliable, what will you can find this car in many locations. For sadly in next generations quality became worse.

    E class , Mercedes

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